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Nascar Chairman France Not Certain Big Three Automakers Can Continue

NASCAR chairman Brian France said Sunday he certainly not the big three automakers will be able to continue their involvement in NASCAR as a battle to stay vital during the current economic crisis. In the case of finance teams race because of the nation credit crunch, France is confident NASCAR remain viable, healthy sport. We re also not going to live or die, if a producer or another has a pullback or withdrawal, France said before Sunday race at Phoenix International Raceway. I hope that can not be T happen. We King of work as mad to make sure it can not be T happen, but sport is very solid ground that transcends one manufacturer or another.
13.11.08 08:30

Korean Film Wave Ripples To The U S

Universal would distribute under the proposed deal with DreamWorks. That all changed Friday when Steven Spielberg camp confirmed that DreamWorks is working on a remake of Park Chan-wook hit Flick Old Boy in collaboration with the current holder of the rights, the mandate Pictures. Remake rights to Korean films have long attracted the interest of Hollywood studio - but not the greatest director in town. Spielberg would direct Will Smith in leading role. Mandate should remain a part of the new project as a financier and producer, next remake specialist Vertigo Entertainment, which originally acquired the rights to Universal in 2004.
13.11.08 08:30

David Archuleta To Perform In Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

The city of New York fashion show will take place on November 27 and will be hosted by Today hosts Matt Lauer Meridith Vieira And Al Roker. Casts from various Broadway shows such as The Little Mermaid Disneys and Irving Berlin White Christmas will entertain the crowd. American Idol classified David Archuleta will perform alongside hundreds of balloons and Hanna Montana star, Miley Cyrus in this year Day of the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Other results set for the annual Turkey Day feast include Trace Adkins, the Cheetah Girls, James Taylor and Darius Rucker, according to a press release.
13.11.08 08:30

Portia De Rossi And Ellen Degeneres Quot Marriage In Doubt

Portia de Rossi Ellen DeGenere marriage and other 18,000 Californian couples are now in a state of limbo after the residents voted to ban same-sex marriage.
13.11.08 08:30

Russell Crowe Ditches Tights For Robin Hood Flick

Oh no, HES snubbing the film legacy of previous Robin Hoods as Errol Flynn to go without stockings. One is gray-haired, podgy and aged prematurely welcome to Russ of The Insider and impending drama Body of Lies. Thus, there will be one that in its much hyped new spin on the story of Robin Hood, Nottingham? My money on Butch beefcake, but his and a great, but habit fans going to see Russs pins behind Ridley Scott history. The others all together is much easier for the eye thinks that the cow-boy in a sturdy 3:10 Glendale, or Maximus in Gladiator. There seem to be two versions of the film Russell Crowe.
13.11.08 08:30


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